Domain Registration

The domain name is nothing but an address on the world wide web. By this address you are going to identify in the web media. You can create personal emails, website in this name. Without a domain name you cannot create your personnalised emails and website in the internet world. Domain registration is the basic step prior to all.

While selecting the domain, we suggest you to follow these tips.
  • The name should match your industry
  • Easy to type
  • Do not select confusing names
  • Better if you can include any of your services

Why Domain renewal before expiry date???

We are strongly suggesting to domain owners to renew the domain in time to keep it safe with you. Once it is expired, you will get some more days to renew it. Please check the following details to know the domain status after expiring.

  • Always provide right information and correct email ids to the registering companies.
  • Renew the domain before expiry date.
  • After expiry the domain available to renew till the redemption period at normal rate.
  • In redemption period it is able to restore the domain at additional costs.
  • After redemption period, the domain status wil become Pending Delete Mode, In this mode no body is able to restore the domains.
  • After Pending Delete Mode the domain will be available in the public market for registration as a new domain.


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